No Setup & Billing Fee

You don't have to pay to use Our awesome team will set up your campaigns at no cost. You equally don't have to bother about transaction and withdrawal fees; we handle all the money issues, While you Keep 70% of your earnings.

Best User Experience

Built with your voters in mind, with over 2+ years of helping organisers raise over $36,919.76(22.000.000 FCFA). With a complete user-guide, we continue to cut out the unnecessary steps and distractions, allowing your voters focus on why they are here; "To Vote".

100% Transparency

No Fraud, No Money ever lost, and No Fake Votes. We have invested so much in making sure all transactions are recorded and voting results monitored in real-time.You do not have to worry about fake claims as our tech team is always ready to investigate and provide valid reports. "TRUST"

Multiple Payment Methods

We accept PayPal, Crypto Currencies,  Mobile Money, Orange Money, and VISA Cards.

On-time Support

Our support team is always happy to help.

They love Us.