Our Easy Five-Steps

You Submit Details Regarding Your Voting

Pictures, Names, Numbers, Bio, etc

We Review, Approve & Process Voting Links

This may take upto 2 business days or less.

Contestants or Nominees Get People To Vote

You are required to send individual voting links to your contestants or nominees, which they will share with their fans

We Process & Monitor Vote Entries

Those who cant take out time to vote online either send the money to their respective contestant or send to us to vote on their behalf

We Send You Detailed Reports of Each Contestant or Nominee’s Results & Send your earnings On Weekends

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How It Works

Is it free?

Yes, 100 % Free, Commissions only. meaning we take a small share from what you earn.
You can equally visit our Pricing page on menu section for more info.

Who can use SellVotes.com?

SV is open to and for all. Are you organizing a major contest, Small contest, medium contest or an online giveaway or just want to flex with friends? try sellvotes.com today.
Basically, if you have a contest or giveaway or music comepetition etc that has a voting stage, sellvotes.com is the best solution to convert your votes into money which you can use to fund your contest.

How do I receieve my money

We send statistics and make payouts on weekends. You can always propose a payment method that works for you, however, only Cameroon Mobile Money deposits are free. For any other payment method, you take care of fees.

How will I know my actual earnings?

Excellent question. We are a newly launched platform yet to grow; so we are working hard to have a good image. each contestant’s sales reflect in their results section, which we will send detailed reports. Results equally show in real-time on the site.
Our support team is always willing to help you in case you are not sure about your earnings

Do you have a demo? who has used your service?

Yes, we have a demo. see below!
We have worked with many organizations including Miss Christian Cameroon, Miss et Mister Modele, 237 Golden Pen Awards, Falcish$ Currency, and many more…

How many contestants can I submit?

You can submit as many as you have. Our team is always available and will not complain

How much is a vote?

It all depends on you.
250CFA and 100CFA per vote are more popular with our happy clients.

Do you issue refunds?

SellVotes does not issue any refunds as the company. However, we may issue refunds on demand. Such demands may come from the organizer or the contestant.

Note: Because we deducted a certain percentage of revenue received, we are only able to refund the percentage allocated to the organizers.

Can someone vote out of Cameroon?

Yes, sure! For now, Cameroon local votes are processed through EU Mobile, MTN Mobile Money & Orange Money.
While International votes are processed through PayPal, Bitcoins and other cryptos, Bank Cards, Bank transfers and more. We are working hard to add more methods.

Note: due to some delays with Paypal approved transactions, we may approve a Paypal transaction a little late. In rare cases, the approved transaction may come in some time after the ended campaign. But we don’t recommend this as a normal case and may cancel such a transaction if the organizer or contestant makes a request for a refund issued. refer to the refund policy above…

Can I use your service in my country?

Yes sure! For now, only Cameroon local votes are processed through EU Mobile, MTN Mobile Money & Orange Money.
We can not guarantee that we can process votes with your local payment methods, but we can process through PayPal, Bitcoins and other cryptos, Bank Cards, Bank Transfer and more. We are working hard to add more methods. You can suggest what works for you and we will look into it

Can voters know if their vote was successfully sent?

Yes, We have two ways that can be achieved.
1st, After payment, they get redirected to a confirmation page.
2nd, They equally receive an email notification within 1 minute. This is why its necessary for them to fill in their email address.
In cases where they dont get notified, or redirected due to a poor internet connection, they can get to us directly on WhatsApp and we will verify on their behalf and equally send a screenshot.

How do I get started?

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