Frequently Asked Questions

SellVotes is open to and for all. Are you organizing a major contest, Small contest, medium contest or an online giveaway or just want to flex with friends? try SellVotes today.
Basically, if you have a contest or giveaway or music comepetition etc that has a voting stage, SellVotes is the best solution to convert your votes into money which you can use to fund your contest.

Yes, we have a 100 % Free option, Commissions only. meaning we take a small share from what you earn.
You can equally visit our Pricing Table for more info.

It all depends on you.
250CFA and 100CFA per vote are more popular.

Just leave us a message via whatsapp or via our email.

We send you daily statistics and make payouts whenever you want. You can always propose a payment method that works for you, however, only Cameroon Mobile Money deposits are free. For any other payment method, you take care of fees.

Excellent question. Each contestant’s votes reflect in their results section instantly and automatically, we also send you detailed reports. Results equally show in real-time on the site. Simply multiply the total number of votes by the unit cost per vote.
Our support team is always willing to help you in case you are not sure about your earnings

Yes sure! For now, only Cameroon local votes are processed through MTN Mobile Money & Orange Money.
We can not guarantee that we can process votes with your local payment methods, but we can process through Credit Cards, Bank Transfer and more. We are working hard to add more methods. You can suggest what works for you and we will look into it

Yes, sure! For now, Cameroon local votes are processed through MTN Mobile Money & Orange Money.
While International votes are processed through Bank Cards or credit cards, Bank transfers and more. To vote from abroad with other methods we can receive via WorldRemit, SendWave. We are working hard to add more methods like PayPal

SellVotes does not issue any refunds as the company. However, we may issue refunds on demand. Such demands may come from the organizer or the contestant. Please note that once the voting statistics have updated it can’t be undone or manipulated

WOW! Amazingly we offer web development services. We can build you a website for your competition branding which supports direct voting, registration forms, registration fee payment, and lots more. This will cost you from 80,000 Frs to 300,000 Frs depending on the quality and additional features. We also build all kinds of websites at different prices. Just send us a message.

Yes, We have two ways that can be achieved.
1st, After payment, they get redirected to a confirmation page.
2nd, They equally receive an email notification within 1 minute. This is why its necessary for them to fill in their email address.
In cases where they dont get notified, or redirected due to a poor internet connection, they can get to us directly on WhatsApp and we will verify on their behalf and equally send a screenshot. However there’s no need because you will obviously see that the statistics has updated within seconds

YES! Assuming you already have a working website, we can implement this voting feature there so that you can control it Directly. This will cost you 50,000 Frs negotiable. Just send us a message